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Frameless Shower Enclosure - No Header - Corner Clips
Frameless Neo-Angle Shower Glass Enclosure
Frameless Shower Enclosure - Full Height Return
  • These heavy shower enclosures, made with 3/8" or 1/2" tempered glass, provide a multitude of options, physically and aesthetically.

  • Compared to their standard-sized counterparts, frameless shower enclosures are customized based on the specifications of the shower design.

  • Timeless and Durable!


When configuring your frameless shower design you must consider

which metal component will be utilized to anchor the glass to the walls and base.

  • Channels, or "U Channels," are metal rails that hug the edges of heavy glass panels.

  • Serve the same function as heavy metal clips, except they are attached directly onto the wall for a streamlined appearance.

  • A silicone sealant is used to secure the glass panels into the channels for a water tight seal.

  • Secure glass panels of your frameless shower to a floor, wall or another glass panel, creating a truly frameless appearance.

  • Made with the strongest metals.

  • Designed to stabilize the heaviest of glass panels.

  • The quantity of clips needed for each frameless shower will vary depending on the exact specifications of the shower design.

  • Requires precise glass fabrication of drilling and notching.

Frameless Shower Door Clip Anchors
Frameless Shower Door Channel Anchor
Frameless Shower Glass Door, Frosted

Frameless Shower Glass Door with Reversed Frosted Picture Frame Texture and Ladder Handle