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Frameless Shower Enclosure - No Header - Corner Clips
Frameless Neo-Angle Shower Glass Enclosure
Frameless Shower Enclosure - Full Height Return
  • These heavy shower enclosures, made with 3/8" or 1/2" tempered glass, provide a multitude of options, physically and aesthetically.

  • Compared to their standard-sized counterparts, frameless shower enclosures are customized based on the specifications of the shower design.

  • Timeless and Durable!


When configuring your frameless shower design you must consider

which metal component will be utilized to anchor the glass to the walls and base.

  • Channels, or "U Channels," are metal rails that hug the edges of heavy glass panels.

  • Serve the same function as heavy metal clips, except they are attached directly onto the wall for a streamlined appearance.

  • A silicone sealant is used to secure the glass panels into the channels for a water tight seal.

  • Secure glass panels of your frameless shower to a floor, wall or another glass panel, creating a truly frameless appearance.

  • Made with the strongest metals.

  • Designed to stabilize the heaviest of glass panels.

  • The quantity of clips needed for each frameless shower will vary depending on the exact specifications of the shower design.

  • Requires precise glass fabrication of drilling and notching.

Frameless Shower Door Clip Anchors
Frameless Shower Door Channel Anchor
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